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July 17th and July 27th 2021*

Crystal Endeavor is a brand new 20,200 gross ton expedition ship designed to offer the most exciting expedition possibilities and opportunities in remote locations all over the world.  I will join her as artist in residence and ornithologist on her maiden voyage circumnavigating Iceland in July 2021.

And early next year (January - February 2022) I’ll be joining her for three voyages to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia (see here, here and here).

Seeing remote places and spectacular wildlife through a camera lens and capturing unique images and personal memories to last forever, is an essential part of a voyage of lifetime.  But sometimes it is possible to enhance the experience by taking a little time to look more carefully at the elements of wild places and wildlife and try to capture those fragments on paper.  Not a vast landscape with all the detail rendered exactly, but just a few simple drawings, small sketches or rough notes to complement the personal experiences and enrich those unforgettable memories.

So, on Crystal Endeavor there will be no formal art classes or tuition, no extravagance of colours splattered on palettes, no rows of easels or huge spread of canvas.  Just an artist in residence on board to encourage and guide any guest with an interest in art or sketching - or anyone just wanting to have a go at drawing for the first time.


* The two July departures are those I'll be sailing on, but of course Crystal Endeavor will be doing much more beyond those dates.  Take a look at the Crystal website  to see the range of voyages she'll be making through the year.



All around will be inspiration - the motion of waves and the patterns of seabirds sweeping over them, shapes of islands and headlands, impressions of visits ashore.  Each element not only part of an individual creative journey, but highly personal moments captured on the spot sitting alongside photographs as reminders of a deeply immersive voyage.  

When it is time for presentations there will be stories about the first artists to venture north centuries ago, and a look at what contemporary art can say about those places.  Overwhelmed by the sight of millions of auks and other seabirds there will be talks and live action demonstrations about the mechanics of flight and deep diving birds ‘flying’ underwater.  And there will be talks about colour, space and form in nature and anecdotes from many years visiting wild and remote places – especially the Arctic and Antarctica.

As an ornithologist there will be talks about the special characteristics of seabirds - their food, feeding ecology and breeding habits - and perhaps most importantly of all, the threats they face both on the remote islands where they breed and the open ocean where they spend much of their lives. There will be presentations about bird abundance and extinction, and lots of excited talk about bird identification.

Whatever the focus for the day the aim will be to ensure guests have an unforgettable experience - encouraged to have a personal creative adventure and come away awe-inspired, bolstered with special memories, and with a gallery of photos and pictures to treasure forever.







In the Studio

May & June



Busy times in the studio working on developing print ideas from the drawings in April of displaying marsh harriers.

I have been working on a relatively new printmaking process called 'waterless lithgography'.  In due course I'll make a detailed record of how it's done and post it here.  Essentially it is a process based on the idea that water and silicone do not mix. 

Firstly, it involves drawing or painting onto an aluminium plate using water-soluble materials before the application of a thin layer of silicone.  After the plate is cured the drawn image can be washed out leaving the non-image areas (negative spaces) left covered with a thin layer of silicone.  The silicone acts like a resist  - ink will not stick to silicone on the surface but covers only the drawn and painted areas.

More experimentation than creativity at the moment, but first results are interesting!

My central Cambridge studio in June.My central Cambridge studio in June.

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