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Making Christmas Cards


A long time ago I started to make my Christmas cards - about 140 each year.

I collect all the trims, edges and corners of the range of watercolour and printmaking papers I use in the studio through the year and tear them down to a size that sits easily on a sheet of folded A4 card. 


The quickest way to make such a large number of paintings is to use two or three wax / oil pastels and two watercolour washes. 

Having worked out a simple design and laid out 10 or 12 sheets in rows, I then quickly flick across each sheet making the key marks with each of the oil pastel colours in turn.


With large quantities of the 2 colours mixed I then quickly flood each sheet of paper allowing the first colour to dry before adding the second.

The resist element of the wax / oil pastel and how thickly the colour was applied, as well as working with the paper texture, helps create quite a complex visual result.










In 2018 I tried something different, a small intaglio print of a polar bear.......







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