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(Above) Approaching Midnight, (NE Greenland early August).  Watercolour /mixed media on paper, 42cm x 30cm

(Below) Passing Svalbard.  Watercolour / mixed media, 42cm x 30cm


The Arctic

June 2001 & August 1996


The entire contents of my studio has been packed away and stored in a container for almost a year.  Prior to that there was little readily accessible studio space to develop work for exhibitons and events - although there has been opportunities for fieldwork projects. (See Archive paages).

But all that is set to change with a soon to be completed custom-built studio! (See more).

Meanwhile, I've selected a few studio works and finished field works completed years ago in response to visits to the Arctic - NE Greenland in Agust 1996, and my first visit to Svalbard in July 2001. 

Artic Pool (Arctic Terns and Red Phalaropes),  Oil on panel, 1220cm x 760cm



New Studio

August 2023

The building now has windows and doors, Velux rooflights and is watertight.  The interior insulation of walls, floor an ceiling is finished and the timber floor laid.

Trenches to bury the electrical and water supply and connect to the house are being dug and a separate conduit for the ethernet is being laid at the same time. 


See more.....



About the Artist

Obsessed by the natural world I work out and about in wild places sketching and painting wildlife and landscapes.  It is the rhythm and restlessness of nature which fascinates, and which I try to capture.

This site aims to show some of the studio processes and field experiences, the development of finished work or highlighting work in progress.  There might be news about exhibitions and other events where paintings and prints are on show.


See Artist Profile page for more information.






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