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Current & Briefly

North Norfolk, February 2023


Snatching a few days in the field before the end of winter. Still skeins of pinkfooted geese, lots of brent geese and waders on the marshes - and a confusingly plumaged falcon ............... (see more)




New Studio

After a number of years without a studio of my own to work from - that was not a small space in an arts facility, or a small grace and favour building on a friend's land - I'm currently supervising the design and build of a fabulous new studio at my home in central Cambridge.  Hooray!


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About the Artist

Obsessed by the natural world I work out and about in wild places sketching and painting wildlife and landscapes.  It is the rhythm and restlessness of nature which fascinates, and which I try to capture.

This site aims to show some of the studio processes and field experiences, the development of finished work or highlighting work in progress.  There might be news about exhibitions and other events where paintings and prints are on show.


See Artist Profile page for more information.






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