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In the Studio

March - April 2021


After months under lockdown over the winter I've been revisiting a set of drawings and sketches completed on a visit to Senegal in 2014.  They were made as part of a project for the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) called Flight Lines.

By pairing artists, storytellers and photojournalists with the researchers and volunteers studying our summer migrants, the BTO are able to tell the stories of migrant birds, and the work being done to secure a future for them.


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New Video

A short video I put together showing some of the experiences working around the Antarctic peninsula over past few years.

Most impressive of all were the whales. There were hours with humpbacks; a feeding frenzy of fin whales with a huge blue whale surging through them at one point; pods of killer whales, and an hour with a minke whale coming alongside the zodiac.

Perhaps the most dramatic of all was a group of Arnoux's beaked whales surfacing right in front of our zodiac!


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About the Artist

Obsessed by the natural world I work out and about in wild places sketching and painting wildlife and landscapes.  It is the rhythm and restlessness of nature which fascinates, and which I try to capture.

This site aims to show some of the studio processes and field experiences, the development of finished work or highlighting work in progress.  There might be news about exhibitions and other events where paintings and prints are on show.


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