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Monotype & Monoprint

The terms Monotype and Monoprint are often used interchangeably and refer to very similar types of fine art printmaking.  Although both involve the transfer of ink from a printing plate to paper, they are characteristically different.

In the case of monotypes, the plate is featureless having no marks that will impart any definition to successive prints – they have no repeatable elements and all articulation of imagery is dependent on one unique inking, resulting in one unique print.

Monoprints, on the other hand, have permanent lines and texture features that persist from print to print.  Variations in the finished print result from how the plate is inked and worked by the artist.  With each print the variations are endless, but the permanent features on the plate will persist from one print to the next.





    Brown Hawkers.  Monoprint 32cm x 75cm Brown Hawkers. Monoprint 32cm x 75cm












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