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These archive pages are old website postings of various projects, locations, travels or events that I've included on the site over the years. When no longer topical I move them to these archive pages, but because many were built using software that is long outdated the formatting on many pages is rather chaotic and looks odd in places.  In due course they'll be revised and reformatted.

The idea for an archive section on the website came a long time ago when someone in the USA queried where a recent posting had gone asking if I could re-post the item as they'd not finished reading it - and then suggested an archive section!

Southern Ocean to South Georgia 2009


Antarctica 2013


Antarctica 2015


Antarctica 2016


Antarctica 2017


Albion Press


Dead Sea 2017


Bermuda 2014


Cambridgeshire Fens 2020


Florida 2017


North Atlantic Odyssey 2016


North Norfolk 2011



Negev Desert 2014


Mining bees 2019


Senegal 2014


Svalbard  2018


Tuna fishing boat 2012


Troubled Waters Exhibition 2012



Fenland Skydancers 2021


Iceland 2021



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